E3 From the Floor - Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs was a highly anticipated game that let a lot of people down. Given that I am happy that Ubisoft has decided to move forward and create Watch Dogs 2. In it they have expanded who you can hack (everyone) and what you can hack (everything). In the demo they played for us they showed a group hack setting off all the phones in an area. He also showed that he can take control of any car either taking over steering or just serving then out of his way. It looked real useful and made the character powerful, or at least felt that way.

Once they showed off some free roaming the demo moved into a mission. Here the main character used a drone to scout the area in order to setup a plan of attack. This included hacking cameras to get an internal view and locate the objective. Once located our main character hacked a crane to get into the location and stealthily moved to the objective by taking out guards and locking doors to prevent reinforcements. Once close enough a tool called the jumper (a two wheeled remote car that can jump) to actually hack into a network and download incriminating data. Once in he started the download the guards became aware of his presence. Using a close combat tool similar to a rock in a string and hacking tools the main character fended of guards until the download completed and he escaped. All in all it looked fun. I hope that when it is released it stays fun.