E3 From the Floor - Injustice 2

If there is one thing that geeks love to fight over it is who could beat who in a fight. And while a fighting game is typically not the best way to answer due to balance requirements, it still scratches that itch. To capitalize I this WB has announced Injustice 2. 

In Injustice 2 we see the return of Batman, Superman, Flash, and Aquaman plus new characters such as Gorilla Grood, Supergirl, and Atrocitus. Or at least that is what was shown. The stages are still interactive with multiple levels. Ultimate attacks look more brutal then previously. The big new thing in this is the addition of gear that can modify your stats. You can get more strength, reduced stage damage, or bonus damage even you throw stuff as examples. Different armor sets have different looks and bonus stats. From what I could tell you would get an armor piece after a match win or lose. So play enough and you could become a pretty strong hero/villain. Looking forward to this when it comes out.