The Professional Gamer - June 20, 2016

Hello readers!  I was having a bit of a busy week at work, which meant that I spent most of the after hours time with a somewhat guilty pleasure: Chopped.  Of the various cooking contest shows, its one of my favorites.  But, you didn't come here to read about cooking shows, so lets talk about some more geeky stuff.

E3 has come and gone, with a lot of discussion about the new Legend of Zelda title: Breath of the Wild.  The trailer is gorgeous and the play-through videos make it look like a whole lot of fun.  I'm setting aside some money to buy an NX and Breath of the Wild next year.  I'm really excited for a more open world Zelda game where there are more options about how to proceed through the game.  What are your thoughts on this new direction?

Speaking of The Legend of Zelda, I decided to spend about an hour today to finally finish Wind Waker.  For whatever reason, I never managed to finish it during its prime on the GameCube.  Thanks to the HD re-release, I have finally been able to finish it.  The final fight with Ganondorf is interesting and spoilers: unbelievably brutal.  I'm thinking about turning around and heading out again so that I can adventure in the blue tunic rather than the hero's outfit.  I really loved that crab shirt.

Also, I spent this weekend and Denver Comic Con, buying all of the indie comics.  Seriously, I bought a lot of comics.  I'm going to leave it at that, get some dinner, and enjoy some comics.  I hope you all have a great week, and game on!