The Professional Gamer - July 25, 2016

Hello readers, I've had a great week off from work and spent a lot of my time in video games, various cartoon series, and some reading.  It kinda makes me wish that I could have more weeks off with the time to do whatever I want.  But, I've gotta pay the bills.  Let's talk about what I've been doing.

In terms of video games, I've split my time between the relatively active Pokemon Go!, and the less active Elite: Dangerous.  In spite of the server troubles and some problematic bugs, Pokemon Go! has been a lot of fun.  I have found a few routes that take me around several spawn points and PokeStops, so that I have a good mix of catching Pokemon and replenishing my supplies.  Meanwhile, having larger blocks of time to dedicate to Elite: Dangerous makes it a lot easier to find a good loop route in order to make lots of cash.  I'm still about 20 million away from upgrading my ship again, but at this point that is only about 40 more loops away, which should only take me something like 3 or 4 more hours, as long as I can continue to find profitable loops.

In the world of television, I've got three shows that I'm focusing on currently: Gravity FallsSteven Universe, and Voltron.  I'm only a few episodes away from finishing Gravity Falls, but having a hard time convincing myself to do it.  I'm worried that I will run out of a something really great to watch.  With Steven Universe, I have a finite number of episodes to watch currently, but know that I'll have plenty to come back to in the future.  Last, Voltron is a lot of fun, and a great reboot to a series that I originally watched as a young kid.  I feel that a lot of the weak points of the original series (a lack of strong characterization in the main cast, a predictable monster-of-the-week formula, and cheap animation) have been largely fixed in the new series.  I only have a couple more episodes to watch, but I've heard that the finale is a hell of a cliffhanger.  I'm excited to watch it and for season two to come out.

Finally, I've done a little bit of reading on break: mostly Robert's Rules.

That's all I have for this week.  Happy pokemon hunting, and game on!


Jim Arthurs

B.Sc. - Geological Engineering, Ph.D. - Geology, P.E. - Civil Engineering. Retaining Wall Designer. Lover of Nintendo, Graphic Novels, and RPGs. Gardener, Homebrewer, and television viewer.