The Professional Gamer - August 8, 2016

Hello readers!  I've had another good week at my new job (including having an extra day off today, yay! for compressed schedule!).  And, I found out on Monday that I'll be doing some travel much sooner than I originally expected.  That is to say, I'm travelling to Hawaii this week to do some field work and help guide some construction activity.  It's going to be a super fast turn around and probably leave me exhausted from jet lag, but I think the whole thing is going to be a lot of fun.  Anyways, let's talk about the fun that I've had this week.

Another week means more episodes of Steven Universe, and they continue the pattern of being both fun and emotionally difficult.  I've yet to watch the latest episode, but it sounds like it will continue along the problem of emotionally difficult themes.  Avoiding spoilers has been rather difficult today.

With my day off today, I had some time to play Elite: Dangerous again, and I'm only about 10 million credits away from upgrading my ship.  My previous estimates were based on faulty data, which is unfortunate.  At least I'll only have to do a few more hours of trade loops to get everything together.  If it weren't for the travel this week, I'd be able to get it finished this week.  But, I'm really not that far from finishing it, and looking forward to getting in the next level of ship.

I've not had nearly as much time for Pokemon Go since I've been in an office most of the day, compared to that week that I had off.  But, I've still made a little progress and am now only a little way away from level 20.

That's all I have for this week.  I should be back by next weekend and able to put together another article then.  So look forward to that.  Have a great week, and game on!