The Professional Gamer - September 26, 2016

Hello readers! Sorry for missing my article last week. I was making a hard push to get the last of the Nan Desu Kan 2016 interviews finished up. No that I've done that, I can get back to living the geek life and writing about it for you.

Let's start with some anime. I've spent most of the past few weeks plowing through Food Wars (Shokugeki no Soma). And then, when I sat down tonight to write this article, I realized that I've actually been taking advantage of a Crunchy Roll simulcast show. This is a strange place for me to be, as I am often very late to every party. I had been warned that the show had a bit of cheesecake in it, but it was not as much as I had anticipated, much to my relief. The show itself fullfills many of the over-the-top shonen tropes, except that the battles are waged in the kitchen. The main character is Yukihira Soma, the son of a diner owner, and follows his experience at a super elite and super intense Japanese cooking school. I very much enjoy that Soma's "special power" is simply his prior experience and his willingness to work hard and persevere through all of the challenges that are thrown at him. Food Wars is simulcast on Saturdays, with the last episode schedule for September 24. If you haven't taken time to watch it now, give it a chance.

In normal Jim fashion, it's now time to talk about something that I'm very much behind on: Saga. I'm finally getting to reading the copy of Saga: Book 1, that my brother-in-law lent to me at least a year ago. Again, I'm very much behind the curve here. Anyways, Book 1 is great. I love Fiona Staples artwork, and the narrative method is very interesting as well. I have always been a sucker for the stories where several groups of people are on periodically intersecting storylines. At this point, I'm three-quarters through the hardback and making steady progress.  However, I'm still about 3 years behind on the series, and have some series catching up to do. 

And last, I've played a little bit more Elite: Dangerous. I'm enjoying my new ship, the Python, and at this point mostly taking my time earning the credits that I need to further advance myself. However, I am holding off on working through the recent "Engineers" expansion material in order to get myself into a top tier ship sooner. Frontier has released a beta version of the next expansion: The Guardians. The idea of carrying some small fighters to help defend my hulk of a cargo ship sounds like a great plan, as well as the ability to carry passengers around the galaxy. We'll see how that goes.

That's all that I have for this week. Game on!