Nintendo Switch Presentation

Thursday night Nintendo finally released new information about the Switch. Yay!

First off it will launch world wide 3/3/2017 for $299.99. Online services will include multiplayer and have a service that can link to smart devices for chat and game planning. It will be free at launch and then add a subscription later that was not stated. Also the system will not be region locked (good).

The dock supports HDMI connection for the switch to the TV. There will be multiple play styles for the system. TV mode, table top mode, and hand held mode. 2.5 -3 hour battery life depending on the game. The system uses a USB Type-C cable to charge with. And you can link 8 consoles for local multiplayer.  There is also a big focus on the joy-con controllers. They look tiny to be honest and might cramp the hands. I will need to actually hold one to get a feel for it. Each joy-con has an analog stick and six buttons (including L and R on the sides). They also have a built in screen shot button. The controllers include sensors for motion. The joy-con also will come in different colors and have a wrist attachment. The also pointed out you can play rock paper scissor with your own hands.. The question becomes how well this will work. They also pushed a fancy rumble feature that can make things fell more real in your hands.

And this brought us to the first game demo. A western style quick draw game where it times the pull to button press. They also showed a number of other demos in this. The game is called "1 2 Switch". Sounds like their demo game to show what the controller can do. They planned this to be more of a face to face party game since you have to watch your opponent directly instead of at a screen. It is to release at the same time as the system.

Next we have some strange mech Stretch Armstrong type game called "Arms". You hold one joy-con in each hand a punch to toss out your stretchy hands. It is a motion game where you punch and move the controllers to change your punches and move around.

Splatoon is back with "Splatoon 2". There are new weapons and maps in the game. Such as a duel wield pistols that can speed you up. There was a also a paint rain cloud. This was also the first game to mention the pro controller. They said more, but it was normal stuff. It will launch this Summer, and this time with post game support such as new maps and tournaments.

Mario! Yes there will be a new Mario game with a very dashing Bowser. Him and his kids are in suits. This game will be "Super Mario Odyssey". It has returned to a sandbox type world such as was in Super Mario 64. Some of the maps look like a human city. There is also a new character based on his hat. The game comes out this Holiday.

Tons of promise that there will be 3rd party support again. Including new Dragon Warrior games. Let's see how much makes it state side. Atlus teased a new game. And Squenix teased a new RPG. Sega was there as well saying they are supporting the system. Todd Howard from Bethesda confirmed Skyrim for the Switch.

Dear lord the "Let's Switch to this ..." line is super overused. They need a new line when going from person to person. 

They are expecting to continue supporting the Indie community. This is pretty much a requiremental for new consoles. Grasshopper Sudo 51 plans to bring back Travis Touchdown. Remember mowing lawns to upgrade is energy sword thing? Common, I couldn't have been the only one to play that game. Bah! 

EA announched that EA Sports FIFA is coming to the Switch with a game built specifically built for the the system. I should care more about this part, but I don't really buy sports games. So yeah...

And that was all for the games.

The Nintendo Switch retail package will include two joy-con controllers, dock, system, ac adapter, joy-con holder thing, and HDMI cable.

At the end of the presentation the announced "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" information. It should release on 3/3/2017 with the console!

Now there are bound to be typos in this. I will fix them tomorrow. That is what you get when someone types an article in bed from their tablet.