Dreamhack Denver


Hey, what are you doing this weekend? Going to relax at home, play some video games? Sounds like a pretty chill weekend. But what you could do is buck off that non-social stigma that people like to think gamers have. Instead of playing games in your home alone, play them at the National Western Center! That is right, DreamHack is this starting at 9:00 AM for BYOC load-in and running to Sunday at 6:00 PM. That is pretty much 3 days of solid gaming.

Now your first question may be, what is DreamHack? DreamHack is a 23 year old event that started as a computer enthusiast event in Malung, Sweden (352 km from Stockholm).  Now it includes much larger events; the largest ones being DreamHack Summer and DreamHack Winter including 26,000 people. The event in Denver is the 4th DreamHack event state side, and their last event of the year. It includes PC gaming, console gaming, mobile gaming, arcade gaming, tabletop gaming, cosplay and more. Yeah, that is a lot to take in huh?

Great, so now you know what they are, what should you expect and why should you care? DreamHack Denver is going to take up 3 floors of the National Western building and the Event Center next door. No go for the Colosseum though; maybe next year. Some of the events that will be there look to include Drones, a DIY zone, panels, art, screenings of anime, a student game showcase, and what kind of caught my eye, Archery Tag. Now I am the last person that would be considered in shape, but that could be a lot of fun. There will also be be more then $25,000 in total prizes for Esports tournaments and some BYOC tournaments. The full schedule for the event can be found in a really neat interactive format on their website here. And you should care because the idea of getting together with a ton of people that share your interest is always amazing!

See, there is no reason not to go! If you don't have your tickets yet then head to this page. See you this weekend!