The Professional Gamer - November 20, 2017

Daku Con last week was a lot of fun. You can find all of our coverage here. After finishing the convention, I spent the rest of the week reading some manga, watching anime, and (this is a surprise) playing a video game. Let's talk about some geeky stuff.


Starting off with reading, I've finally started Delicious in Dungeon. This is a really great series about a party of adventures who are forced by circumstances to start eating the monsters in the dungeon. Fortunately, they meet a dwarf who has been doing the same for serveral years, and has become a gourmet chef in the realm of "dungeon food". I'm enjoying the series so far with its blend of slapstick, absurdist, and dark humor, as well as ideas for how to cook various types of monsters. I'm looking forward to reading more of this series and maybe incorporating some of the ideas into my own role-playing games.

It took a few days, but I've caught up on the seasonal anime that I've been watching. I'm a little disappointed in the current arc of Food Wars, but I'll persevere through it in hopes that there is something better coming after. The Ancient Magus' Bridge continues to be a wonderfully executed modern fantasy series and Recovery of an MMO Junkie has me yelling at the main characters to start kissing already. It's really good.


Lastly, watching Recovery of an MMO Junkie has led me to craving for an MMORPG myself. I didn't really want to start paying for a World of Warcraft subscription again, but remembered that I had purchased Guild Wars 2 back in the day. Since that game doesn't require a subscription, I spent about a few hours downloading and updating it, and have been playing one of my lower level characters again. If you have been having an MMO craving, let me know. Maybe we can go on an adventure together.

That's all for this week. Due to the holiday weekend, I'm not planning to post an article next week, so I'll see you again in December. Have a great week and game on!