The Professional Gamer - February 27, 2017

Hi readers! Sorry for the lack of article last week, but I found myself rather busy during the President's Day weekend with various other things. I'm back on track now and have spent a bit of time having fun again. So, let's talk about that.

I've continued my play-through of Metroid Prime, and in the intervening years I had forgotten the creepiness and terror of the game after you obtain the thermal visor. The visor itself makes it a bit hard to see the terrain, and all the while, the area around you is swarming with space pirates and metroids. I managed to get myself through, then faced the area boss. At which point I had a bit of check, since I couldn't remember the effecient way to fight the rock monster. After consulting some guides, I was on the right course again, finished off the boss, and collected the Spider Ball upgrade. I'll make some more progress next week, if I can manage to find some time to play.

I've also been playing more of Fire Emblem Heroes and Pokemon GO! which are both fun mobile games. They especially help me eat up time during my bus ride to and from work. In itself, that's enough of a reason to enjoy them. They are of course both very fun games, and that keeps me coming back to them.

Lastly, I'm reading a book called On the Grid, which discusses the infrastructure that makes life in our modern cities possible. Given my involvement in engineering, its a very interesting read. If you happen to be curious about where your water comes from and were your waste goes, I recommend it. The book is not too long, I've been reading on and off for a week and am already halfway through. 

That's all for now. Have a great week and game on!