Colorado Anime Fest 2017 - Schedule and Program Up!

Hey fellow Otaku, we have some great news! Colorado Anime Fest (March 24 - 26 at the Renaissance Denver Stapleton Hotel) has released the Program and Schedule for their 2017 event! Both of these can be found here.

What can you expect this year? Well lets start with guests. Karen Strassman who has voiced Soi Fon in "Bleach", Kallen Stadtfeld in "Code Geass", Mileena in "Mortal Kombat X" and more will be there. We will also get to see Erica Mendez whom you might know as Ryuko Matoi in "Kill la Kill", Aladdin in "Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic", Yuuki Konno in "Sword Art Online II". Then we have Caitlin Glass who brought characters such as Winrey Rockbell in "Fullmetal Alchemist" and Haruhi Fujioka from "Ouran High School Host Club" to life. She also directed "Ouran High School Host Club"! And we can't forget Mary Elizabeth! Mary is a voice actor, writer, singer and director. Here work includes Naruto and Naruto Shippuden (series), six Naruto movies, and is working on "Penn Zero: Part Time Hero" for Disney XD. You can hear her in Major Motoko Kusanagi from "Ghost In The Shell Innocence", "Solid State Society" and "Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex".

Returning to Colorado we have Lauren Landa who has been behind the mic for 10 years! She can be heard as Kasumi from "Dead or Alive 5" and Sailor Neptune in the recent VIZ Media dub of Sailor Moon. Next up, Steve Blum. I am going to by lazy here and just link COAF's page for him. Yes, he has done that much, but just because I find it interesting, he is TOM from Toonami! Bringing some of the great anime themed games is Greg Wicker. He has been doing the convention circuit since 1999. Curious of what to expect from him? Then check out his YouTube page. Lastly by not least is Samurai Dan and his wife, Jillian. To quote their guest page "Dan Coglan, a.k.a. “Samurai Dan” and his wife, Jillian are the acknowledged masters of marital… er, MARTIAL mayhem. This dynamic duo travels the civilized portions of the U.S., bringing their unique show to curious and horrified audiences alike." They use actual bladed weapons in their events, so have fun with that!

And that is where I am going to call it. Based on last years convention this con is going to be something to look forward to. So here is to seeing you all next weekend at Colorado Anime Fest!