The Professional Gamer - March 20, 2017

Hello readers! I've had a pretty good time this week. I finally got to break in the Nintendo Switch, and spend some time in the world of Breath of the Wild.

I haven't done a whole lot yet, I haven't even made my way to Kakariko village. Mostly, I've been too distracted climbing every tree and mountain. I found some weird shiny purple stuff near the Colosseum, which I decided to avoid for now since in looked quite dangerous. Then, I faced a Trial of Strength, killing a couple of guardian scouts mostly with bombs since my best weapon at the time was a spiked club. Then, decided not to try and get to a tower when I realized it was the one near a full-sized guardian that had repeatedly killed on of the guys from Nintendo Treehouse when he was demonstrating the game. Having been defeated there by an abundance of caution, I made my way towards the Dueling Peaks, completing a few more shrines on the way. I'm hoping to play a bit more over the weekend, and give some more thoughts next week. Generally speaking, I'm enjoying the game a lot and looking forward to making more progress as time goes on.

That's about all that I have for this week. I'll be at Colorado Anime Fest next weekend. If you see me, say hi! Have a great week and game on!