Ubisoft E3 2017 Conference

OK, Ubisoft's turn on the stage. And they started out with the crazy rabbits teasing the partnership between Nintendo and Ubisoft with Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battles. Of course who better to share the announcement then Miyamoto. The game is a tactical turn-based adventure battle that involves hand held cannons. Can you save the Mushroom Kingdom from the rappids that accidentally invaded your dimension?

Next game, Assassin's Creed Origins. Apparently this series is now 10 years old. With that fact at hand, the developers are taking us back to the start of it all. To the birth of the Brotherhood. To the first assassin back in ancient Egypt. You can live the history on 10/27.

Following is The Crew 2. In this game you race everything. Seriously, you race cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats and planes. Guess they really want your crew in The Crew 2 to be able to do anything and everything. As with almost everything else we have seen this week so far, it is a very pretty game. Sign up for beta access at thecrewgame.com/beta if you want to join the ride.

YES!!!!!!! There is new information for South Park: The Fractured But Whole. It will be out on 10/17. The first South Park game was great so I don't expect this to be any different. For some reason they did not show the demo level that takes place in a strip club though.

And we have the first VR experience of the weekend, at least that I have seen, Transference. Looks like this game has something to do with experiencing peoples memories that were uploaded to a computer. Probably a horror based game.

Their used to be a question going around geek circles, pirate or ninja? Based on what I have seen for games on these conferences, the answer is pirates. Ubisoft announced a new pirate based game called Skull & Bones. The trailer shows a ship with her majesties army on it getting destroyed. The main purpose of this game is to become the most famous pirate ever. You can play alone or with friends. But beware, your friends are pirates and they can betray you. A 5 V 5 battle was shown. Ubisoft is using their experience with Black Flag on this quite well. Sign up to play early at skullandbonesgame.com.

After Skull & Bones we were introduced to a mini-concert via the announcement of this years edition of Just Dance 2018. That is about as predictable as a Madden game coming out.

And to mix things up, There is South Park: Phone Destroyer. A mobile game where you can play games in the same vein as South Park: The Stick of Truth. Probably will destroy our poor batteries.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas is a toy to life game where you buy little toy ships, and then you can customize them with different weapons for different situations. And the weapons you physically have on the toy is what you will have access to. Dammit... this is going to cost me a lot of money long term. At least there will be digital versions of the toys. More at starlinkgames.com.

Steep: Road to the Olympics is going to be an expansion for Steep out this winter. Good luck becoming a master of pretty much all downhill winter sports.

And with all that they have showed, you can't forget good old FarCry 5. Taking place in Hope County, Montana. The place has been taken over by a fanatical cult. They have cut the place off from the entire country, and people are "fucking scared". It is up to you to save them, but you will need help.

And just to make things weird. We have a talking monkey that gave a fake idol to a talking pig in exchange for disk. The disk lead them to "freedom" The game is Beyond Good and Evil 2. This one actually surprised me. It takes place before the first game from what is sounds like. Register for the space monkey program at BGEgame.com.

And that brings us to the end of the conference. The games showed here look great, fingers crossed they all live up to the hype.