Playstation E3 2017 Conference

Last night was the Playstation E3 2017 Conference.  This conference was much different from the other presentations. Instead of having someone on the stage talking things up they let the games speak for themselves. It was essentially an intro followed by a bunch of trailers followed by a closing short speach. So what all did they show?

Uncharted Lost Legacy was early in the list. Looks like they are continuing the tale of doing what it takes to get treasure, but with new characters and a female lead. The trailer looked interesting. They also teased more Destiny 2 . Not much in the way of new information, but it looked cool. They also showed a teaser for Call of Duty: World War 2.

There was also a game called Detroit: Become Human that could be interesting.  In it you play a cyborg that is attempting a revolution to free your fellow cyborgs from being slaves. It is a morality game were you choose if the revolution is a peaceful one or not.

There were honestly a lot of videos during the Playstation conference, but three of them actually hit home for me.  The new God of War, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite and Spider-Man. So I am going to talk about those a bit first.

Lers start with Marvel vs Capcom Infinite . I loved MvC 2 and was super excited when I heard about this game. And the idea of Ultron merged with Sigma makes for such a great villain. I am really looking forward to that game.

Then we have God of War . They have all but outright said that the Norse gods are our foes. The gameplay looks fun and the two character dynamic looks like it could add an interesting twist to the game. 

And lastly was Spider-Man . A good web-slinger game is a beautiful thing. From the demo that was shown gameplay will involve a mix of stealth, hand to hand combat, abd some quicktime events. It all look very natural a lot of fun. 

Sony had some pretty neat looking games. And they had shown even more of them prior to the conference. I look forward too seeing what they will have at their booth this year.