Monster Hunter World

Watched the Monster Hunter World  gameplay demo at the PlayStation booth. It was an impressive demo. They started on a single player mode showcasing how to track monsters given little information. In this case we were told to search for mucus that identified the creature's territory. From there special tracking flies were able to find more mucus, and eventually our monster. This feature looks like it can greatly reduced the time searching and increase the time fighting.

Once our hunter found the monster he was able to use special ammo to lead the breast from it's cave and into open space to start combat. The battle involved several weapons, the environment, and even other monsters. It was an amazing showcase of how you can manipulate the battlefield, but at one point he got in over his head. At this point they showcased on the fly co-op. Our hunter shot off a flare that signaled his location to four friends that joined in. This allowed then to introduce more weapons and environment attacks. Most notably in the form of blowing up a damn. The entire event was an amazing spectical. 

Looking forward to the 2018 release date of this game.