Mario Odyssey Hands-On

Yes, his is taking over a Goomba's body.

Mario   Odyssey  of the newest entry in the long line of games about a plumber that I don't think actually has any plumbing experience. And, if memory serves, the first new 3D version of the game since Mario Galaxy 2 . In this have Bowser has, unpredictability, kidnapped Princess Peach! I know, such a plot twist. This time he has even sent it wedding invites though. But he made a grave mistake, he pissed off a magic top hat! Sure Bowser has perfected his plan on stopping Mario, but Mario with a magic hat? Doom has arrived on Bowser's door stop. Or at least it will once Mario and Cappy (the aforementioned hat) have finished gathering a band for his old girlfriend, Paulina.

Running up a building as electricity.

OK, enough of that. What you really want to know is gameplay. Cappy, whom is actually a white top-hat that can change form, is a handy tool to have. You can throw him as a weapon and to grab coins. But his biggest ability is the ability to allow Mario to take over objects and enemies. In the demo I played this was used to control a Bullet Bills and move around on electrical wires. Nintendo was also demonstrating some of the motion controls if you play with the joy cons separate. Moving the controllers in different ways allowed different throws of Cappy. I personally hope this is an optional mechanic. But overall the only thing I really had a hard time doing was aiming Mario on his back jumps. I kept pointing him either the wrong way all together, or just enough I would have to start the puzzle again. But the game does look fun. I would not expect less from a Nintendo first party title.