The Professional Gamer - July 24, 2017

Hello readers! I spent last weekend up in the mountains away from such pesky things at cell phone reception and wireless internet access, which made it a bit challenging to put together an article for you all. Unfortunately, I also was doing field work last week, and was therefore kept away from my geeky pursuits. So, what did I end up doing in that last two weeks? Read on to find out.

In addition to the preceding issues keeping me away from fun, geeky pursuits, I also had a complete computer meltdown on July 10. And that has removed one of my primary gaming platforms. As a strange side effect to this, I also lost my large backlog of podcasts, and therefore had more freedom (or more perceived freedom) to listen to anything. With my newly liberated iPod, I decided to catch up on Welcome to Night Vale. For whatever reason, I'm a bit embarrassed to listen to that program at work. I really should get over that, but that's beside the point. I had these many episodes to enjoy, and took the opportunity during the long drive back from my field area to do just that. The last few episodes of this "season" have been really great, and actually explain some of the background on all the weirdness that happens in Night Vale. 

My impatience finally grew stronger than my frugality, leading me to purchase two volumes of Steven Universe on Amazon. That means I'm now caught up to "Lars's Head", and I'm having a lot of feelings about some of these newer episodes. Lars's struggles with being himself and fitting in summarize completely my years in high school and college. Actually, it still expresses much of my discomfort in dealing with other people. I live in constant fear that I'm not cool enough for my friends. Lars struggling against these feelings of self-doubt gives me hope that I might get over them myself someday.

That's all for this week. Enjoy yourselves and game on!