The Professional Gamer - July 31, 2017

Hi readers! I had another week away from home, but this time I was able to bring my DS with me, and actually played some games. Granted, these games were old, but at least I was doing something. And, while at home, I spent some time watching some YouTube series that teach about some esoteric subjects. So, let's talk about some stuff.

I played a little bit more Fantasy Life this past week, and was able to attain "Hero" rank as a Paladin. All of the other classes are still "Master" but I should be able to make some progress with them as long as I can find some quests that will help me to progress. I've had some trouble with the Mercenary class in that regard, because the quests require me to engage in combat with creatures that are likely to kill me. I'll be looking for other class quests that I can complete instead, while I gain a few levels to ease the difficulty of the combat.

I've also spent a fair amount of time this week watching a number of Crash Course serials on YouTube. These shows are amazingly well researched and thoughtfully presented mini-lectures about various academic topics including physics, astronomy, biology, ecology, computer science, philosophy, and even video games and film history. Watching these videos has been a great introduction to a number of topics that I have never really learned much about, especially the computer science course. I feel like I have at least some knowledge about how computers actually work, whereas I had previously just assumed that they were sort of magical.

That's all I have for this week. Come back again next time to read some more about my geeky adventures. Game on!