The Professional Gamer - August 7, 2017

Hi Readers! This coming week is my vacation; a lovely trip up to the mountains to camp. I very excited to be heading out of town. But, I'm also very excited to share with all of you, the geeky things that I've done this week. Let's get to that now, and then we can talk about next week.

After seeing it discussed online for several years, Crystal and I finally tried out The Great British Bakeoff, and it is truly a great show. I have a longtime habit of being late to the party, and this has been no exception. Nonetheless, please take my recommendation and watch this series. It is likely the best I have seen from the "reality" genre in a long time (probably the best of all time), simply because there is none of the "not here to make friends" attitude among the participants.

In video games news, I've spent an unhealthy amount of time playing Pokemon Shuffle on my 3DS and Pokemon Go on my phone. Basically, I've been playing all the ancillary Pokemon games. I do find it odd that I enjoy these games more than I have enjoyed the mainline games. I try not to think about too much though.

Finally, let's talk about next week. Since I am camping, I will not be anywhere near a mobile phone service, let alone internet access, I won't be able to post an article next week. I'll try to get some pictures while I'm camping, so that I can share the fun with you.