The Professional Gamer - September 11, 2017

Hello readers! We are one week past Nan Desu Kan (two weeks past Fort Collins Comic Con), and I'm finally feeling a bit rested and ready to get back into the normal routine again. Podcast edits are coming along, and will be posted as I complete them. I'll also be putting my thoughts to those two conventions to pen in the next week as well. Until then, let's talk about the ordinary things that I've done this week.

Crystal and I have been watching some of this season's simulcast anime on Crunchyroll. Several weeks ago, we started watching Restaurant to Another World (Isekai Shokudou) and this past week we started watching Elegant Yokai Apartment Life (Yokai Apartment no Yuuga na Nichijou). I have managed to catch up to the simulcast on both of these shows. Restaurant to Another World is about about Western cuisine restaurant in Japan that is connected to another world every Saturday. Each episode tells the story of a patron and the food that they order. There are a few tenuous connections between some of these patrons; however, the portals to the restaurant appear in various parts of the other world, allowing many different people to access the .restaurant.

Meanwhile, Elegant Yokai Apartment Life is about a high school student whose parents have died. Although his relatives are willing to take him in, Yushi feels that he is a burden and applies to a school that has dormatories. Unfortunately, the dorms burn down only a few days before he is supposed to start school. Faced with the prospect of having to move back in with his relatives, Yushi starts hunting for an apartment that he can afford on his part-time job. The only thing he can find is a room in an old creepy building. The building is actually haunted, and exists at a sort of dimensional cross-roads. Aside from the supernatural themes, the show actually deals with issues of friendship and masculinity. I did not expect this show to discuss some of these themes, but it has been a pleasant surprise.

Other than that, I've ordered parts for a new computer and am looking forward to getting it up and running soon. Hope you check in again next week and until then, game on!