NDK 2017 AMV Contest Winners

Sorry about the delay of the NDK 2017 AMV Contest Winners. I could give a long winded excuse on why I am late, but you don't care of that. So without further ado.

Upbeat/Fun Winner

AMV: Starboy desk ga?
Editor: Nuke

Drama/Romance Winner

AMV: Convalesce
Editor: Radical_Yue

Action Winner

AMV: Numinous
Editor: MrNosec

Category X Winner

AMV: Sunlight
Editor: Sunlight

Comedy Winner

AMV: Assachusetts: A Wicked Good AMV
Editor: shorisquared

Best in Show - Audience Choice

AMV: We Two
Editor: Moonpie

Best in Show - Editors Choice

AMV: daydream
Editor(s): return - ZephyrStar

Best Local (Colorado) Entry

AMV: Can't Stop the Anime!
Editor: numbuh0051

Best Video Game Entry

AMV: Incandescent Uprising
Editor: Kisanzi