The Professional Gamer - January 26, 2018

Hello and welcome to another installment of my busy, geeky life. But, I did find plenty of time to do two things: watch some Adventure Time and play Diablo III. Let's talk a bit about each of these in turn.


While I was busy watching things like The Great British Bake-off and a bunch of episodes of Crash Course on YouTube, two more seasons of Adventure Time were posted on Hulu. And then I sat down and watched all of the newer episodes in a period of about 3 days. This amounted to watching all of Seasons 8 and 9 in a short space of time. Overall, I think I enjoyed Season 8 a little bit more, I think the comedic timing on some of the episodes was a little tighter. I've been happy to see some of the plot threads dating back to the early seasons finally getting tied up. I know that we are heading into the final season of Adventure Time, and although I will miss it, I think it is time for it to finish. The show-runners have done a great job, but the lore has begun to pile up and threatens to crush the show under its own weight. I don't think Adventure Time is very accessible to a new viewer anymore. In the earlier seasons, you could jump into an episode with relatively little context and really enjoy what you watched. The latest episodes are completely incomprehensible to someone who has not watched almost everything that has come before. If you dropped out at any point, I'd recommend that you pick it back up, since Seasons 8 and 9 have found some of the magic that made Adventure Time so special to begin with.


I'm not sure what made me want to play Diablo III again. Maybe just an overwhelming desire for the nostalgia of my college years. In any case, I decided to make a new character rather than pick up with my existing character. This time I decided to make a Wizard, since I wanted to have a magic user. I've had a lot of fun discovering the ability synergies available for this class. Bonus points: the wizard is voiced by Crispin Freeman. I've managed to put together a character at level 30 that can take down basic monsters like they are nothing, and kill most special monsters without breaking a sweat. I feel like both magic-find and experience have been globally tuned up since I last played, shortly after launch. I'm having a lot of fun; it's providing some relatively mindless gaming with the continuous reward meter.

That's all that I have to talk about this week. I'm looking forward to another weekend with some time to play D&D with my friends and some video games on my own. I'll be back here again soon to tell you about my adventures. Have a great week and game on!