The Professional Gamer - October 12, 2018

Alright, this has been a pretty good week at home. I’m not going to goof around here too much, so let’s talk about some anime and video games.

In anime, I’ve watched that last few episodes of My Hero Academia and I really enjoyed them. The Bakugo and Midoriya conflict finally coming to a head was a great character payoff that we’ve been expecting since early in the series. And, I’m glad that they were appropriately punished for breaking the rules.

Next, I watched several more episodes of Dragon Pilot. The series is very cute, but is starting to get a little weird. I’m hoping that some of the little plot crumbs that have been spread about have a good payoff.

Last, after watching a lot of spead-runs of older games, I got in a mood to play something old. Since I have the SNES Classic hooked up to my television, I’ve been playing Link to the Past. So far, I’ve only had to consult a walkthrough for one thing, namely, where to find the last key in the Ice Palace. Other than that, this has almost entirely been a run based on my memory of the game. I think I’m doing pretty good at collecting pieces of heart, and have already maxed out my bomb and arrow storage. I’ll be heading into Misery Mire next. I’ve almost rescued all the maidens and will soon be ready to take on Ganon.

That’s all for this week. I’ll be be traveling to Utah next week, and may be limited on my geek time. Have a great week and game on!