The Professional Gamer - October 19, 2018

I spent a short portion of the week away, but had some good fun. This week only had short flights, but also had relatively shorter days in the field and some time to play some video games in the evening. I’m a bit distracted from watching anime currently, mostly because I decided to give another show a chance. So, let’s talk about that a bit.

First, I still love my 3DS, but I’ve gotta be just about the worst Final Fantasy Tactics A2 player. Not because I fail at missions; rather, I’m really resistant to working on the plot quests. I’m way overleveled now and running out of jobs and abilities for my characters to learn. I’m traveling again this next week, and I’m planning to spend some time working through the main plot of the game so that I can unlock more jobs and advance my characters more.

In the world of visual media, I decided to give Adam Ruins Everything a chance, and I’m hooked. I feel like I’ve been around on the pseudo-intellectual corners of the Internet long enough that I’ve actually run into a lot of the myth-busting type of information that is presented in the show; still, I’m constantly learning new details about those things. Also, the humor of the show is great as well. The first season is several years old now, so I’m intensely late to make this recommendation; but, if you have also missed out on this series, give it a shot. Like me, you may find it to be something that you were missing without even knowing it.

Pokemon GO continues to be a regular part of my life. For example, I caught my Celebi today, after completing the research tasks. Travelling makes things hard, because I’d prefer that folks not know that I play a silly game on my mobile phone. So, I have to play in secret. I typically only manage to catch a single creature and spin a single stop.

Anyways, that’s all I have for this post. Have a great week and game on!