The Professional Gamer - October 26, 2018

Alright, I past one more week of my travel for the year. It didn’t go quite as well as I had hoped due to some mechanical difficulties, but I was able to get a lot of my work done, and got an introduction to field work with my new company (two years after being hired). But, a big part of this assignment was driving from the western part of North Dakota to the eastern part, about 5 hours straight through. So, that didn’t include a lot of time to goof off. But, I did have some time to play with my gameboy at least. And that is pretty much it. I’m making some more progress in Final Fantasy Tactics A2, and have completed a few more of the plot quests even.

I’m back home this next week though, and may actually have time to enjoy myself again. Have a great week and game on!