The Professional Gamer - October 5, 2018

Hello, and welcome to another week of The Professional Gamer. This week, I took a trip to California and spent about 8 hours driving through the National Forest in one day. On a related note, I listened to every podcast that I had saved on my player. Meaning, that I’m much closer to catching up to all of podcast backlog. So, that' makes me feel pretty good. My other fun time has been very limited, due to spending all that time driving.

It’s certainly not fun, but I spent most of last weekend cleaning and organizing my garage. And I watched a lot more speed run videos. I’m not sure why these have become such a wheelhouse for me. I’ve been feeling too stressed to play games myself I guess. It feels like too much of a time commitment to play something myself. However, I can just watch someone else, who is a lot better at a game then I will ever be, power their way through in a fraction of the time that the game is supposed to take. Maybe its because I get to experience most of the game without the work. I just hope that I can work my way out of this funk.

The only games I actually played were Pokemon Go and Pokemon Shuffle, neither of which I consider to be real games. Or at least, not very serious games. But that’s all I really have for this week. I’ll catch you next time and game on!