The Professional Gamer - November 10, 2018

Election season, and by extension my major volunteering commitment, is over; my life can return to a degree of normality. I’m at DakuCon this weekend, but you can look for coverage of that in other posts here at The Gameslave. For this post, let’s concentrate on the fun that I was able to have this week.

To start the week, I had a quick trip to Lake Mead for work, and spent most of the plane ride each way playing Final Fantasy Tactics A2. I’m surprised that I can typically only get through one or two battles during an average plane ride, though I do typically stop to enjoy a coffee break during the flight. I spent most of the flight clearing out some quests I had picked up earlier, and therefore I still haven’t made more progress on the main quest. At this point, I just need to push myself through a few more missions in the main quest so that I can get access to more of the game features. I guess I’ll do that on the next trip.

Back at home, I discovered that a new (old) season of Great British Baking Show has been released to Netflix. Between that, and deciding that I should roll another Diablo III seasonal character, I’ve had some fun stuff to do in my free time. I’m pushing myself to be more quick with this character. I started the game in Hard mode, am skipping all the cinema scenes, and really pushing to get through all of the story mode quickly. I don’t think I have to complete story mode before going into adventure mode, but I feel like I should. It’s a silly hang-up, but its the way that I prefer to play.

Are you still finding fun things to do in spite of a busy life? Tell me about it! Until next week, have fun and game on!