The Professional Gamer - November 17, 2018

Well, this has been one of those weeks where I didn’t have a lot of time to myself. Tuesday night was spent attending a professional society meeting and Wednesday and Thursday were spent nursing a sick Crystal. And, when I had time, I worked a bit on my review post for Daku Con. But, I did have a little bit of time to enjoy myself, so let’s talk about that.

First, I’ve been on a bit of a binge with Great British Bake-off. I finished the “Classics” season that was recently released, then started in on the new season that was released this weekend. This is a show that I love because the competitors are depicted as being so kind to each other. I know this is reality TV and there are certain decisions that are being made by producers and such on how to present the footage that was collected, but this presentation just feels a lot nicer than the cutthroat style of most American competition shows.

In other TV type news, I caught up on That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime on Crunchy Roll, and then decided to watch the English dub on Funimation, because I’m just enjoying the show so much. The balance between humor and drama is really good. Voice acting in the Japanese version is great, and the English language version is pretty good too. We’re about halfway through the season now, so you still have a chance to catch up on it.

And that’s all I have this week. I’ll have my Daku Con coverage up soon for your reading pleasure. Until then, have a great week and game on!