The Professional Gamer - February 2, 2018

Hello and Happy Groundhog Day! Hopefully, no one got stuck in a permanent time loop, with a large rodent as their only companion. By good fortune, I have not. Instead, I am here to talk with you about my geeky week. This week has largely been about a certain mobile game, though I did try to spend some time watching anime as well. Let's get to it!

First up, there is a new seasonal even in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. This event has a similar mechanic to the earlier winter event. However, this time around replace butterflies with bats and winter gear with gothic lolita. Because obviously bats are just goth butterflies. This time around, Crystal and I have a system. Essentially, we share bats back and forth as much as possible. Using this method, we both have all of the basic and gold bats required, and will be ready to catch new bats as soon as they are released. I do feel like I might be gaming the system somewhat, but given my rather lackluster performance in the previous event, I think my change in tactics is fair. AC:PC does not have deep involving game play, but its a fun way to spend my bus ride to work. I can get most of the daily tasks complete during that time, and then spend another few minutes in the evening doing a second round. As I discussed that last time we talked about AC:PC its a fun way to spend otherwise empty time, but I don't go out of my way to play it.

Next, I watched spring anime early reviews from a few of my favorite YouTubers, and then charged my way over to Crunchyroll in order to watch a few of the serials. Unfortunately, after one episode of "A Place Further than the Universe", the streaming service crapped out. This is a problem that I've had a lot recently, especially on the weekend. But now, its starting to intrude into weeknights. I may have to look at an alternative to streaming on my Wii U. I really enjoy the Wii Pad as an interface for streaming services, but I may just have to give it up and start using the cobbled-together computer that I have connected to the TV. 

Seriously, look at those books! Look at all the perspective drawing that makes sense and fits together!

Seriously, look at those books! Look at all the perspective drawing that makes sense and fits together!

But, let's talk a little about the show itself. I enjoyed the first episode. In a world of anime overrun by high school students, "A Place Further than the Universe" gives us some very believable and human characters. Based on reviews from other critics, I'm looking forward to watching the rest of the series. As long as I can get Crunchyroll to work with me. Also, the show has some amazing backgrounds. Worth a look for that artwork alone.

That's all I've got for this week. I'm going to be spending most of the weekend with Crystal and artist friends. While they talk about their business plans, I'm going to paint some miniatures and think about D&D plans. Do you have plans for the weekend? Talk about them in the comments. Have a great week, and game on!