Colorado Anime Fest kicks off Denver Con Season


It is almost mid-March, and that means con season is starting to swing up for the year! The first convention that we are going to be attending this year is Colorado Anime Fest now in it's third year. Being held between March 23 - 25 at the Renaissance Denver Stapleton Hotel (same location as previous years) has 7 guests this year, plus the boat load of content that continues to expand each year.

Voice actor guests this year include Amanda C. Miller (Boruto - Boruto - Naruto the Movie, Sailor Jupiter - Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon Crystal and Junko - Danganronpa game series), Cassandra Lee Morris (Morgana - Persona 5, Leafa - Sword Art Online, and Kyubey - Madoka Magica), Erica Lindbeck (Kaori - Your Lie in April, Futaba - Persona 5, and Mordred - Fate/Apocrypha), David Vincent (Senketsu - Kill la Kill, Grimmjow - Bleach, and Robin - Fire Emblem: Awakening), and Joel McDonald (Meow - Space Dandy, Phichi - Yuri!! on ICE, and Captain Flynt - Borderland 2). In addition to these talented vocal actors, we have Samurai Dan and Jillian returning to amaze us with acts of martial mayhem and stand up comedy that is both kid and not so kid friendly. Lastly we have Greg Wicker. Greg's claim to fame is hosting amazing game shows for anime cons. And apparently he is doing something right since he has been doing to for 19 years.

Then there are the events, while we don't have the schedule quiet yet we do know a few things that we can expect. The Anime Bar & Manga Library will be a nice safe space during the day, and after hours it will be a 21+ bar designed specifically for the Otaku in your hear. The Kirei Cospaly Café is returning with shows all weekend long. And of course, the charity. What is has not been announced yet it will be undoubtedly for a good cause. Once the schedule and guide are up we will be sure to share them.

EDIT: The guide and schedule are up!

If all this sounds fun (and why would it not) head on over to get your tickets before the event as that will save you the most money. And this year they added a VIP Registration that comes with a T-Shirt, Lanyard, PIN and line priority access to all main programming events and guest autographs. Hope to see you there!