The Professional Gamer - March 16, 2018

We are now less than a week out from Colorado Anime Fest, as Chris pointed out earlier this week. Crystal will have a table and be selling lots of great art work, which I will encourage all attendees to check out. Meanwhile, I've spent most of my weeknights watching anime that was formerly secured behind the Anime Strike paywall. Apart from that, I've spent a lot of time working in my garden, getting ready for the growing season. But, I'm sure most of you aren't super interested in yard chores. Let's talk about anime instead.

Made in Abyss is probably the fantasy series that you have been waiting for. If, like me, you have been worn out by all the isekai series that have been on air for the past few years, and yearned for the late-90's days of fantasy shows that didn't include draconian explanations of leveling systems or heroes with track suits and cell phones. If you aren't familiar with it, Made in Abyss centers around a young girl's quest to find her mother and her robot friend's quest to discover who he is. The titular Abyss is a giant hole that has attracted adventurers from all around the world, seeking to explore its depths and find relics from a bygone age. But the abyss has more dangers than just falling from heights or hungry creatures.

I'm not going to put in any more info, for fear of spoiling important plot points. You'll have to watch the series yourself for that. Let's have a little bit of criticism now. I'll start with the negative, because it is essentially a minor nit-pick. I'm not keen on "stringing up naked" as a punishment for children. I had another critique, but it has slipped my mind. The series does a remarkably good job of building its world. There are no true "exposition dumps"; details of the world a built slowly, through the telling the story. The whole series has a feel of Ghibli, but with an edge. The setting is fantastical, almost whimsical; and the main character is an adventurous girl. But the hazards of the Abyss are life-threatening and terrifying. Most of the creatures that the main characters encounter are horrifying, using very clever methods to capture prey. 

I've watched about eight episodes so far, and am looking forward to finishing the series off. I want to know what mystery awaits us at the bottom of the Netherworld. I want to know what it is about the Abyss that curses people, killing them as they try to leave or driving them mad if they stay too long. Most of all, I want to know what (or who) the title refers to when it says "made". I have some theories, but I think I will have to finish watching the series before I get my answers.

That's where I'm going to end things for this post. I've gotta be up fairly early tomorrow. Post next week will be late due to Colorado Anime Fest. Have a great week and game on!