The Professional Gamer - April 13, 2018

This was a relatively busy week for me. I was finishing up a pretty intense training program at work, and I was a little busy last weekend with a race and helping my parents out with some stuff. All of this means, that I wasn't in a good place emotionally to finish watching Devilman: Crybaby. Instead, I've been re-watching The British Bake-off, a wonderfully wholesome show, except when Ian throws his dreams into the rubbish bin. 

Outside of my time watching a bunch of amateur bakers bare themselves emotionally, I've tried out a few of the Spring '18 anime series. First, we have another season of Food Wars. I'm still not crazy about the current arc, as the antagonist feels very boring. He is a guy that is a jerk because he just doesn't care. There is no good villain motivation for him. On the other hand, maybe I'm asking a bit too much from my shonen/ecchi series.

Look at those pretty spirit boys.

Look at those pretty spirit boys.

The other series that I've been giving a try is Kakuriyo - Bed and Breakfast for Spirits (Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi).  The series so far seems likely to be of the reverse-harem type (look at the cover image to the right!), combined with a food anime. Honestly, I'm here for the food, rather than the romance. I've watched two episodes so far, and it seems ok, but I'm not sure that I'll make it through the entire series.

Last, let's talk about Comic Girls. This is one of the first times that I have given a show a chance, only to give up in the first episode. It's just way to much in the moe style for my taste. The promo text about the series stated that it was about some younger manga creators. I guess I was hoping for something that took its subject a bit more seriously, or at least felt more like it was treating its characters with respect. Really, as soon as there was "girls comparing boob size moment" I was done. This was not an anime that was going to offer any worthwhile content to me.

I'll be at DINK tomorrow. The show is dedicated to independent comic artists and small publishers. There are so many great invited artists that will be attending this year including Danielle Corsetto, Heather Mahler, Melanie Gillman, and Morgan Beem. Plus, a bunch of my friends are exhibiting too! Here's a list of people I know and love: AJ Young, Amanda McManaman, Crystal McDowell, Denise Schroeder, and Laurissa Hughes. Have a look at the exhibitors and guests list to find out who you want to see at the show. I hope that lots of you make your way down to the McNichols Civic Center to support some great artists.

That's all for now. I'll see you again on the other side of DINK. Have a great week and game on!