The Professional Gamer - April 6, 2018

Hi, short article this week, because I had a meeting tonight. Let's talk about this past week.

I finished watching two winter season anime series: The Ancient Magus' Bride and A Place Further than the Universe. I'm planning a seasonal anime wrap-up post later. For now, Magus' Bride had some great world building, a lack of story thrust, and some creepiness in the relationship development. The end of the series is a let down. The last few episodes seemed like they would build to a cool climax, but then it all fizzled out with additional creepy romance.

Next, A Place Further than the Universe, a series with so much going for it: interesting and distinct characters (support characters as well as leads), emotional stories, a great build through the series, and some truly amazing background art. Best show to date this year. Watch it, and make sure that you have some tissues.

I'm caught up on My Hero Academia and looking forward to the new season. I'm finally getting onto the Devilman Crybaby train, but I'm taking my time with it. I can only handle so many people being torn apart like rag dolls in a day. And, I've never been one to remove bandages quickly.

I'll be at DINK next weekend, so I'm not sure whether I will have a post prior to that. If not, I'll be back in another week. Until next time, game on!