The Professional Gamer - May 18, 2018

Last Sunday was Mother's Day, which meant I spent a good part of the weekend with my mom and my mother-in-law. After a push last week, I'm caught up on seasonal anime currently. Now I have to wait for new episodes to be released in order to have things to watch. On the other hand, after watching another critic talk about Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online I decided to give the show a chance. So, let's talk about some seasonal anime again.

This season of My Hero Academia has been really intense. A few episodes into the catch-up binge, I turned to look at Crystal, and we were both (nearly) in tears. "They're all kids, they shouldn't have to fight this hard," she said. As we continued, that feeling only grew. Pain and hardship are coming at the students of UA faster than I expected to happen. Midoriya is performing remarkably well under pressure so far, helping to lead his friends through challenging situations to defeat several powerful villains.

Wotakoi continues to be a lot of fun. I don't have a lot more to report on it currently. But it is a strong adult romance.

As far as Gun Gale Online is concerned, I think its a decent series so far. Not life changing, but has some good characters who are developing realistic relationships (not romantic) with each other. Again, not best thing ever, but I think its likely to be a lot better than the original SAO series. I'll probably keep an eye on this series for the rest of the season.

Our current show to watch while distracted is Yuri!! on Ice, which you may recall that I've already talked a lot about. But, I originally watched the subtitled version, and this time around I am trying out the English dub. Most of the performances are pretty good. Josh Grelle, who voices the titular Yuri Katsuki, does a great job doing the ugly crying, sobbing talk. Also, watching through a second time and I'm noticing a lot of the relationship subtext that I missed on the first time through.

I've played a little bit of Final Fantasy Tactics A2 and a little bit of Guild Wars 2, but not enough to really talk about. Denver Comic Con is rapidly approaching. Do you have plans for I'll be back again soon, so have a great week and game on!