The Professional Gamer - May 25, 2018

After I posted my article last week, I spent the rest of the night playing Civilization V. I'm not sure why I had that sudden desire to play an older game. But, due to its turn based nature, it makes a good game to goof around on while you are talking with friends. I set my first game to medium difficulty and got creamed in the classical era. I started another game, and am now on my way to building a spaceship to leave this stupid rock. Maybe I'll finish that game up later today.

In the world of seasonal anime, I'm still watching My Hero Academia. I wanna jump through the screen and tell all those kids that they aren't Hogwarts students and they may actually face repercussions from trying to take the law into their own hands. With Wotakoi, I haven't had time to watch the most recent episode. But I'll get to it as soon as I can.

Finally, I was looking for something new to watch in between the couple of seasonal shows that I'm enjoying. I stumbled upon Nobunogun, a series that I recall someone telling me about at a convention many years ago. The premise is a bit like Read Or Die, where historic figures are brought into the modern world. In this case, the return is based on modern people having the historic figure's e-gene, or something like that. I've just read it as essentially a reincarnation that isn't completely awakened. The main character is a high school girl who has the spirit of Nobunaga, and she wields three giant guns. Other characters include Galileo, Ghandi, Newton, and Jack the Ripper. Meanwhile, they are fighting a rapidly evolving alien menace. It's intelligence so far seems to be animalistic, but with the rate that it is changing, I wonder if it won't have human level (or beyond) intelligence before the series is over. It's kinda mindless, but fun. Decent quality animation with a nice style.

Last, I started watching Violet Evergarden, which is a rather beautiful show, with a bit of an interesting take on love and grief, and recovering from war. I'm only a few episodes in, but as I watch more my thoughts will crystalize enough to share here.

And I finished my watch through Yuri!! on Ice. Still enjoyable and lots of fun. That's all I have for now. Catch you again next week, and game on!