The Professional Gamer - May 5, 2018

I've had a busy week, with some out of state travel. In spite of that, I had some time to enjoy myself too. Let's get to talking about the geek stuff.

First up, I was at GainXP this weekend. But I spent most of my time helping Crystal keep track of her table. The only panel I had time to sneak away to was Michael Sinterniklaas talking about Your Name. I was interested in his discussion of how he and Stepahie Sheh shared directing duties. Sinterniklaas and Sheh played the two lead roles in the movie, who swap bodies throughout the story. In order to add more realism to the performance, especially in terms of the differences in the ways that men and women talk, they directed each other. This allowed them to help each other voice the characters more appropriately when their bodies were swapped. I thought this was a very interesting way for them to work.

During much of my time at the convention and during my recent airplane flights, I played a lot of Final Fantasy Tactics A2. I got the game for Christmas last year, but haven't spent a lot of time playing yet. Now that I have, I'm doing my typical RPG method: avoid the main plot at all costs in order to grind out levels. The game is fun though. I like how they have changed how laws work in this game compared to Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced. Its fun, and seems to have at least some sort of plot going on.

I also started watching Overlord today, which has been a lot of fun. I'll be back next week with some more detailed thoughts about it. I'll see you then! Have a great week and game on!