The Professional Gamer - June 1, 2018

It has certainly been an eventful week! The Adventure Event in Pokemon GO, which started last week, continues on. At the same time, Alolan Exeggutors are spawning throughout the world. These Exeggutors count as Grass/Dragon type, so if you have had trouble capturing enough Dragon-type Pokemon in the past, now is a great chance. I may be able to earn the Silver level of the Dragon-type Badge during this event, which will be a welcome bonus. Let's talk a bit more about more serious games and anime!

I had an overnight trip this week, and of course that means I spent some more time playing Final Fantasy Tactics A2. And, I am continuing my efforts to completely avoid the main plotline quests. Instead, I'm spending time taking as many other jobs as I can in hopes of gaining levels and unlocking new jobs. For some reason, I find the effort involved in working towards those unlocks much more rewarding than working through the main questline. I just love watching those progress bars fill up!

In the world of anime, Crystal and I decided to hit the archives a bit this week with the remastered version of Outlaw Star (available via Funimation streaming). The show is very 90's, with pointy hair and shoulder pads everywhere, but the remastered version looks great. I feel like its been a long time since I've watched a series that used traditional animation and cell shading. I don't think there is anything wrong with computer based animation, but there is certainly a special charm to the traditional methods. On the other hand, animation (like film more broadly) is a technology-based medium. To intentionally ignore technological progress is antithetical to the original development of animation.

That's all I have this time. Have a great week and game on!