Denver Comic Con - Are You Prepared?

Good news folks, Denver Comic Con starts on Friday. This means that tomorrow we will be neck deep in comics, cosplay, and general geekiness. But being a large con there are a few things you should know.


First off, do you have everything you need for the convention? Wallet, badge, a bag to carry loot and a recent shower so you don't smell? These are all important things. Also remember water. While there is call in the forecast for rain this weekend, you are going to be in an area with 15,000+ people. You will get hot, you will get dehydrated, and you will get sick if you don't drink water. And if you are from a lower altitude you will feel this more then a local. I advise taking at least one water bottle with you so that you can refill it at the fountains. You can also but drinks there, but keep in mind you are in an entertainment venue and prices will be increased from what you can find in the real world.


First up, how to get in. DCC has the entrances they used in previous years, which means that attendees will now be able to get in from two entrances now instead of one, and one of those is far closer to the onsite parking then it was last year. Lets look at the map.

Entry 1: Located next to the iconic blue bear that watches over the convention center, is for those that have a Single Day, 3-Day or Speed Pass. If you have ADA needs this is also the entrance for you.
Entry 2: On the far side of the convention, this is for early pickup on Thursday (10 AM - 6 PM). You can also use it if you are holding a Single Day, 3-Day or Speed Pass. Will call tickets can be picked up here. If you are a panelist you can check in here as well or check if for a tour. Lastly you can also come here for ADA entry.
Entry 3: Volunteers, you go here.
Entry 4: Guests, exhibitor, and press entry.

Now that you know were to go in, what should you expect at the door. First off, bag checks will be happening again. We live in an era where this is going to become more standard place whether you like you or not. So be prepared for that and make sure you remembered to pull out the pocket knife. If you are in cosplay and have a prop make sure you it is actually allowed in. Anything that looks like a gun in a no go, as is anything that could hurt someone else if swung at them. Not sure? Check their Cosplay info page at

On The Inside

Now that you have made it to the convention, have fun! Just be sure to respect your fellow con goers and you will have a great time. You are in for creative cosplay, amazing art, and more guests then you can shake a stick at; which at last count was around 198 between the Film/TV, Artist, Authors and "Reel Heroes". Just remember while you are having fun to stop for food. There is food inside and plenty of two blocks away on the 16th St Mall. If you don't eat you will eventually become miserable and stop enjoying the con. So do use all a favor and remember to eat breakfast and dinner, and at very minimum snack on something for lunch, like a granola bar that will easily fit in a bag.

Cosplay Photographers

If you have a camera, you are going to most likely be taking pictures of the cosplayers. Remember to ask before you shoot. It is polite and helps them keep to schedules if they don't have time for a photo. Also keep in mind where you are when you ask for a photo. A busy hall is a not a good place to have someone stand in still for a pose. Look around and see if you can move the photo to wall or somewhere that is less congested. Lastly remember, cosplay ≠ consent. Just because someone is dressed as a character does not mean they are that character. They put a lot of work into their costumes and want them admired, but not touched. Please respect their personal space.

And that is all I have for prep this year. If you have anything to add please mention it in the comments below. And please enjoy Denver Comic Con!