The Professional Gamer - June 22, 2018

In years past, Denver Comic Con has been horribly draining for me; taking a lot of energy and not giving a lot back. But this year was different. I spent most of the weekend helping Crystal at her table (table BB-8, just by chance). From behind the table, I was able to talk with a lot of attendees and see a lot of cool costumes. Still, I had a quick look through Chris's photos, and there were a whole lot of costumes that I missed. I took some photos too, if you are into that sort of thing.

Let's talk about some anime and gaming now. I had another week away that limited what I could do with my free time, but I was still able to keep up on the new anime releases this week. Without saying too much, that was a hell of an episode of My Here Academia this week. Wotakoi was much more low-key by comparison. I'm not usually invested in the romantic portions of these shows, but I strongly support Kou and Naoya. 

I'm still playing my new version of Hyrule Warriors. It has become a major thing that Crystal and I do on most evenings again. Just tonight, we completed all the Legend mode stages (though we still need to go through again to get 100% completion). In terms of new things, I enjoy Tetra and Linkle. Both are fun to play. Skull Kid is fun, but his laugh gets annoying really fast. King of Red Lions is interesting, but he feels very slow. In any case, the game is a lot of fun, especially to play with friends.

Since I was travelling, I spent some time playing Final Fantasy Tactics A2, and had to fight my way through a horrible bunch of Cassies (a Marlboro variant). This group had three abilities besides their basic attacks: 1) A "T" shaped AOE charm that was always 100% effective, 2) a cross shaped AOE buff that healed and provided regen, and 3) a "T" shaped AOE slow and sleep spell. The slow and sleep nominally had a 40% chance to hit, but I felt like I got it almost every time. Plus, the law for the stage was "No Buffs or Debuffs". Unfortunately, the game does not care about opponents obeying the law, only whether I obey the law. I finally beat the level after losing three of my characters and restarting three times. But I did it! And that's what counts in the end.

That's all I have to report at this time. We have about two months until the next big event (Fort Collins Comic Con). I'll be back again next week with more geeky stuff to talk about.