The Professional Gamer - July 6, 2018

We're just past Independence Day here in the U.S., and I decided to take a few days off to better enjoy the holiday. I spent some time puttering around my house, finishing up some projects, and then spent most of the rest of the time having fun and relaxing. I won't bore you with the house projects, so let's talk about fun stuff instead.

Anime seems like a good place to start this week. I'm not caught up on the latest season of Food Wars (Shokugeki no Soma), but decided to have a look at the dubbed version that Sentai Filmworks has released to Hulu. It's...ok. Some of the cast is good, but I question the valley girl affect that was selected for Erina. My other qualm is that the explanatory captions are not left on the screen long enough for a reasonable person to read. The rest of the main cast is pretty good. I've watched through the first arch of the story (through the training camp and summer break) in less than a week, which may be faster than I originally watched it.

I've also spend a lot of time playing Hyrule Warriors with Crystal. At this point we have finished most of the original adventure map, with just a few heart containers and skulltullas. We'll be moving along to other adventures maps and maybe hard mode stuff at some point. The new version has definitely lowered the difficulty curve of the game (at least in these earlier stages). As we make more progress, we'll see whether things get more difficult in the later game.

That's all for this post. Have a great week and game on!