Reminder - NDK is Friday!

It happened again, NDK has snuck up on me while I was adulting. The full Program Book, Map, and guide have all been released on the official NDK site. So what can we expect this year?


NDK 22 is going to have 17 guests this year. The 2 Japanese guests are comprised of Keiko Han and Megumi Han (yes, there is a relation). Keiko is best known for Lalah Sune in "Mobile Suit Gundam" and Queen Beryl and Luna in "Sailor Moon". Megumi has been in "Hunter x Hunter" as Gon Freecss, Atusko "Akko" Kagari in "Little Witch Academia", and Keita Amano in "Gamers".

American voice acting guests are Zach Aguilar, Sandy Fox, Clarine Harp, Samantha Inoue-harte, Lex Lang, Cherami Leigh, Lauren Landa, Elizabeth Maxwell, Chris Patton, and Patrick Seitz. I am pretty sure Chris and Patrick keep coming back just to try and out do each other on "number of times as a guest at NDK". Pretty sure they are both in double digits at this point, which is perfectly fine.

The final 5 guests are rounded up by the cosplay guests. This year Heather Martin of HeatherAfter Cosplay, Queen D, Rabbit, Teca and Wingedlight Cosplay will be flexing their costume covered muscles for us.


Events this year are the same events they have every year. Oh, first year going? Welcome aboard. First off there will be games, oh there will be games. Games include video games, board games, pachinko and a Japanese arcade. If you are in the mood to dance with your fellow geeks then you are in luck. Friday has the J-Pop Dance and Saturday is the Masquerave (no, I did not spell that wrong). NDK has also always had both an Art Show and Model show. If you want to see these I recommend going before Sunday. Things start leaving about mid-day Sunday as people head home. Oh, and panels, there are usually a large number of panels to see.


The two big contests at NDK are typically the Costume and Cosplay Contest and the AMV contest. The AMV contest is held Saturday with awards on Sunday while the full Costume Contest happens on Saturday night.

If you want more details I highly advised checking out the pre-mentioned program above. See you at NDK!