The Professional Gamer - September 21, 2018

Back from a trip to Maine, delivered the first presentation at the conference, saw Acadia National Park, and probably ate too much seafood. I also spent very little time with anything very geeky. But let’s talk about it anyways.

In video games, I spent some time playing some of the Mega Man X Legends set for the Switch. I love the Mega Man series in general and the early X games in particular. But, the Switch Classic Controller seems badly designed for these types of games. In part, I feel like the buttons are not quite as responsive as the old SNES controllers were, and layout makes holding the “fire” button while trying to dash and jump more difficult. The controller is optimized for use of the analog stick rather than the D-pad, which further complicates things. So, playing though Mega Man X, a game that I used to be pretty good at, has become a considerable struggle. I really want to enjoy the game, but the controller challenges are making it difficult.

Let’s talk about TV and other types of moving pictures. During the past few weeks, I’ve maybe been a bit basic. While I was traveling, I had access to cable, namely HGTV; which is a thing I end up watching almost every time that I travel. Then, once I got back home, I started watching the latest season of The Great British Baking Show. A lot of cast changes this year, but the overall tone of the show remains. And the bakers this year were all very good. I loved the little epilogue after the final that showed some of the bakers spending time together after the show.

A lot of my other free time has been dedicated to catching up on housework and some political type volunteer stuff; so I don’t have a lot more to report now. I’m heading up to Great American Beer Festival tomorrow; if your interested in beer stuff, follow my Twitter tomorrow. Until next time, have a great week, and game on!