The Professional Gamer - September 7, 2018

Hi everyone! I've had several busy weeks in a row. August 25 and 26 was Fort Collins Comic Con, August 31 through September 2 was Nan Desu Kan, and then I was at Yosemite National Park for work from September 4 through 6. So, I haven't really had time to write for several weeks. Let's catch up on what I've been up to.

I've continued watching My Hero Academia and Food Wars. I feel like the current Macademia arc is a bit slow in pacing, but I also understand that we are starting to see the shonen cast bloat which leads to having to spend time with each of them. And the pattern lately has been to concentrate on a small group of the main cast and see how they perform during the tests. This is good for character development but it does slow the overall plot progression.

With Food Wars, I'm still stuck in this stupid school takeover arc, since I'm still several weeks behind the simulcast release. The most recent episode I watched (the culmination of the Soma/Koyama exam), was actually pretty good. The payoff for Soma's character arc in this episode was really great. He built on his previous failures and produced a dish that only he could create. Big lessons that he learned earlier in the series.

In the world of video games, I've played a little bit more Breath of the Wild, making a little bit of progress towards the volcano. Unfortunately, I'm terrible at catching lizards, which makes it hard to make my skin fireproof. Also, I found that damn guardian that's waiting on the road. Mipha's Grace triggered, but I didn't actually die. I need to find lizards and avoid that jerk if I want to make my way to the Goron city.

Since I was traveling this past week, I brought a book to read on the plane. I bought several volumes of Wayward ages ago, but hadn't found the time to read them. I read Volume 2 in about 30 minutes (on my 2 hours plane ride, oops) and enjoyed it thoroughly. I really like the new character, Ohara. Plus, I'm eager to see how our heroes continue to progress towards their goals. 

In Gameslave news, I'm making progress with the photos and audio that I collected during the convention, and should have more posted this coming week. I'm away again this next week, so I'm not sure whether I will have time to put together a post, but I hope I do. Regardless, have a great week and game on!