The Professional Gamer - January 25, 2019

Righty-o everyone! Glad to see you back for another post. This week has been a fair amount of doing chores around the house. I had Monday off, and spent most of it working with Crystal to clean up part of our kitchen: tidying and organizing so that it is easier for us to find the things that we need. Other than that, I watched some more of my wife playing through Dragon Quest XI, and then I played a bit of Elite: Dangerous on a few days. Other than that, all I’ve really done is watch more of Avatar. Let’s talk about it.

For various reasons, I’ve not taken time this week to watch the new episodes of my seasonal anime. In part, I’ve just ended up watching stuff on YouTube, or had other commitments keeping me from hanging out in the evening. I have made more progress through Avatar. In fact, I got through all of Book 2 now, and have gotten to my favorite character arc: Uncle Iroh gets swol. That’s mostly a joke. My real favorite character arc is Zuko’s redemption. And I’m pretty much through that now. The last episode that I watched is “The Ember Island Players” which is sort of the recap episode of the series (though told through a creative framing device, not using recycled animation, and still continuing some character development even if the plot is not advanced much).

And that means, I made it through the Ba Sing Se section. I previously posted about how I think this part tends to drag. But this time around? I didn’t notice it so much. At least, I didn’t notice bad pacing or anything else like that. Maybe I’ve been mistaken in the past. Maybe repeated viewing dulls my sense of the pacing. So, there you have it. Ba Sing Se is good, actually. I mean, not the city culture itself, with its caste system and stifling rules, but the portions of Avatar that take place there. Those are ok.

And that’s all I really have to talk about now. I’m playing some D&D this weekend, as well as going for a super long run (12 miles!).