The Professional Gamer - October 5, 2019

Man, this was really a week where I didn’t get to do much. For reasons unknown to me, the last episode of Astra: Lost in Space wasn’t posted. I finished this season of Dan Machi (Is It Wrong to Pick Up Girls at the Dungeon) and, honestly not impressed. I never thought it was really a great series or anything, but it was at least fun with some interesting battles and effects and things. But honestly, the plot, characters, and worldbuilding all left things to be desired. I did watch another episode of Cop Craft. It’s still a lot of fun, but I think I can see the end of the budget. The series is almost over, and I think the conclusion is going to be good. It feels like it from the distance of a few episodes at least.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a whole lot more to report on the geeky front. I had meetings after work on both Tuesday and Wednesday. I did spend some time on Thursday playing the Link’s Awakening remake, and managed to get myself through the Slime Cave (Dungeon 3). I sometimes struggle with the analog stick, which is a common complaint that I’ve had with a lot of remakes or retro style games on newer consoles. Nontheless, I’m enjoying the game a lot. Between little bits of watching Crystal and my own memory of the game. I’m getting through things pretty quickly. So, I’m not sure whether the puzzles are easy, or if I just remember most of the solutions.

On Saturday, I’m heading to the Great American Beer Festival to enjoy some tasty beers, which is pretty exciting. For one thing, I’m taking the new train to downtown, so I don’t have to hand around for a long time to sober up. Hopefully, I can remember to write more about GABF next weekend. Until then, have a great week and game on!