The Professional Gamer - February 25, 2019

Ah, hello there readers. I’ve had a low key week here, not doing a whole of geeky stuff. For one thing, I spent Thursday and Friday away from home, and wasn’t in the mood for anime on Monday when Mob Psycho 100 was released. All I really did was watch the last season of Legend of Korra and started reading through the Hoard of the Dragon Queen module for a D&D game that I’m planning. As I writing this article on Friday night, I’m looking forward to two D&D games this weekend. One, a homebrew campaign that is more on the silly and fun end of the spectrum. The second game is running the Curse of Stradh module. In both cases, I feel like I’ve finally learned who my characters are, and I have a much deeper attachment to them compared to earlier characters in other games.

Anyways, I’m reading Hoard of the Dragon Queen, with a plan to run it once our Stradh game is finished. It seems like it could be a really fun, but is going to require a good amount of preparation on my part. Compared to older modules, the 5e modules feel much more like loose guidelines. Which can be both good and bad. Its good since it allows a lot more freedom for the group to make a game their own. But, it does require more work from the DM. And there is a greater possibility of the entire game going off course and into uncharted territory. For my prep, I’m going to read through the whole module once, then go through in more detail. I bought a spiral notebook to keep notes in even, and am thinking about trying to do things in a bullet journal style so that I can find everything later. The module seems to offer a good variety of challenges including combat, stealth, social interactions, and puzzle solving. My gaming group tends to lean a bit more on combat, but I’m hoping they can expand their abilities a little bit.

And that’s all I have to discuss next week. I will hopefully have more time and motivation to do more next week. Until then, have a great week and game on!