The Professional Gamer - March 30, 2019

Hello and welcome to a new installment of The Professional Gamer. I have some stories to tell for this week. I’ve had some issues with my knee while running, and went in for some physical therapy this week. In fact, I went in for two rounds of physical therapy, which honestly feels like it might have been too much. I think I’m seeing a little progress with my knee already though, which is super promising. But, with all the exercising that I’m doing along with the PT, I haven’t had as much time to geek out. So, let’s talk about the little bit that I have done.

First, Mob Psycho 100 is down to the last episode and I am super pumped. Shigeo has grown so much this season, and I’m ready for him to win the day through his ability to express his feelings. And also his amazing psychic powers. I don’t have a whole lot of additional stuff to talk about here right now. I’m sure that after the finale I’ll have a lot to talk about.

We had another D&D session last weekend, and finished up the dungeon delve. We faced some nasty monsters and got some cool loot. Our puppet master (homebrew character) had a bit of an emotional moment when their puppet was destroyed by the dungeon boss. She then leaped onto the monster, rolled a crit, and ran it through with her rapier. My cleric managed to have the killing blow on a surprising number of monster as well. We’ll be level 5 the next time we play and I’m looking forward to having some more powerful spells. Ice storm and call lightening are going to be a lot of fun.

Last, I managed to beat Wings of Liberty (the Terran Starcraft II campaign). Previously, I got to a level near the end that frustrated me a lot, and I just quit. This time, I managed to skip that level, take a different path, and get through to the end. Soon, I’ll be able to start the Zerg campaign, and tread some uncharted waters for me. In fact, I think I’m going to go and play some more now.

I’ll be away from home this week, so my gaming will be limited for sure. But, I’m bringing a big old book about traffic planning and parking to read. I’ve tried to get through this book several times in the past, but it’s really big, and I have to get it on inter-library loan, which limits the amount of time that I have to read it. If I don’t bring other stuff to do, I’ll be forced to read. Or so the logic goes. In any case, I hope all of you have a good week, and game on!