The Professional Gamer - April 6, 2019

Gonna be a short article this week, cause I was out doing field work and only found one night this whole week to play a little bit of Starcraft II and then watched the finale of Mob Psycho 100. There isn’t anything really interesting to report about in Starcraft, so let’s go straight to Mob. Spoilers ahead. I’m going to be posting my thoughts on the whole series, and while I won’t be providing a plot synopsis, I will be discussing what happens.

We finally get to the showdown between Shigeo and Touchirou, and it is everything that I wanted. It’s an action oriented episodes with real stakes and character motivations. The core of Shigeo’s appeal is his guiding ethic: psychic powers don’t make you that special and you should never use them on other people. This ethic was somewhat simplistic and under-developed in the first season. But in the recent episodes we’ve seen Shigeo fully develop his core ethic into a full belief system. I love that in spite of all the pain that his adversaries cause, he tries to help them. He talks and shares his feelings. He understands that most of his adversaries have been hurt in some way, and he tries to help them or find a way for them to heal. This season just brought Shigeo’s story to such a great conclusion, and I am so happy about it.

In other news, I’ll be at DINK next weekend. Do you like comics made by independent creators? Do you live in the Denver metro area? Then you should come down to the McNichols Civic Center Building next Saturday and Sunday. Have a great week and game on!