The Professional Gamer - May 17, 2019

Hello, readers! I hope you’ve all had relatively good weeks and been able to find the time and energy to have some fun as well. Sometimes, I feel a bit like Nero, playing my violin as Rome burns. I maybe shouldn’t be so down about things, but it feels like there are so many people in power who feel a need to hurt other people. It disgusts me when folks in power are more beholden to a vocal minority than most of the people the represent. And also when they take rights away from those people. But, I suppose you aren’t coming here to read my political screed. Let’s talk a bit about what I’ve been doing to distract myself from the horrors of everyday life.

After following someone else on Twitter starting through a rewatch of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, I decided to do the same myself. Most of my evenings has been spent between watching DS9 or watching Crystal play Stardew Valley. The first season of DS9 is as rough as I remember. All of my favorite episodes definitely come from later in the series, but there are still some pretty great things early on. “The Nagus” gives us our first Ferangi episode, and introduces Wallace Shawn as Grand Negus Zek. We also have the first few episodes that involve plain, simple Garak. So, we have some cool stuff being set up early on, that I know pays off in some big ways later in the series.

Friday was a day off, so I picked up some beer supplies and started up a pale ale. It’s probably my last chance to brew before the summer temperatures get too high to ferment in my house. I hope this batch turns out good so that I can have a good supply to keep me through the hot months.

I’m still working on editing podcasts. I want to start getting them out soon, but a lot of stuff in my personal and professional life has been making it hard for me to dedicate the time. I’ll be working on the podcasts a little more over this weekend, and try to get something out this next week. Until then, enjoy yourself and game on.