The Professional Gamer - May 28, 2019

Hi friends, thanks for reading. I’m putting this post together on May 24, but delaying it so that you have something fresh to read on Tuesday once you get back from the Memorial Day holiday. I think that make me a thoughtful person who cares about your entertainment and emotional well-being. Also, in the much more cavalier sense, it greatly increases the chances that this will end up in front of your eyeballs. I would be lying if I said that audience and reach wasn’t something that I think about sometimes. Anyways, let’s talk about some geeky stuff.

Last weekend was the big ol’ D&D weekend again, with two sessions. First, the more funny, less serious, Adventure Zone inspired campaign where my cleric failed to find love, but did find victory in a foot race. My character is not the most athletically gifted, but I’ll be damned if I didn’t have a hot streak with the dice, rolling nothing less than natural 15’s for the entire race. So, that was cool. That was Saturday. Then, on Sunday, our “Strahd” group resurrected an ancient dragon, and made another foray into the castle. I don’t know if this will be the last phase of our adventure, but we are pushing towards the climax. After the horrible events of our last session, we’re ready to get some revenge. I’ll keep reporting on our progress.

Over to the realm of TV, I’m into the second season of Deep Space Nine which starts off with essentially a three-part episode, “The Homecoming”, “The Circle”, and “The Siege”. I love this mini-series within the overarching plot. I think there is a very good build of tension through each episode leading to the climactic confrontation at the end of “The Siege”. This type of story would not likely have been told in The Next Generation simply because of the style of storytelling that was used in the older series, where most of the episodes could be viewed in any order, with very little continuity between episodes. In contrast, DS9 has numerous long-term character development plots that take place over multiple seasons, let alone episodes. I love the longer form, allowing the characters space to breath and develop. In my opinion, shows like DS9 paved the way for later series, such as Avatar that also included long term character development. And that, was a very good development for TV on the whole.

That’s all I have to report about my doings this week. Reminder! Denver Pop Culture Con is this weekend. I’ll be helping Crystal at her table (AA-5). If you’ll be there, come by and say hi! Until then, have a great week and game on!